Friday, 26 September 2014

Soulful Pattern

Here is final collection for my BA Textile Design Course at Chelsea College of Art based on five pattern-making experiments that tried to get under the skin of pattern and see if it could be anything more than skin deep. 

Together with gardening friends on my local allotments, at Spa Hill in Upper Norwood, I have created different pattern stories that reflect a time, a person and a place. You can read more about their stories at

Through collaboration, I wanted to create a recipe for pattern-making with soul: a way of using pattern to re-enchant and beguile the eye, encouraging people to look more closely and care more deeply about the world around them.

A HUGE thank you to the pattern-makers - Stinky aka Sarah Newton and Isabelle, Eileeen Ward, Beverley and Thabo Witter and Tim Gundry-White. Thanks also to Martin Cleave for the beautiful photographs.

You can meet the pattern makers by watching a short film I made about them at


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