Friday, 26 September 2014

In:Site Graduate Festival of Creativity Commission

Inspired by the pattern of the cathedral glass and the young muslim women I found praying there - I designed a series of patterns that could be overlaid as a way of describing peoples' overlapping experiences and journeys.

I printed these as resists with people passing across the Cathedral Square during the course of the 2nd of September, before letting the print dry and dyeing the whole piece with indigo. We then removed the resist - revealing a new and complex pattern. 

Many people came back to see our final piece and find out how their print had been combined with many others - discovering, I hope a strange and new harmony.

Watch a short film of the work  being created at

Many thanks to Craftspace for giving me this opportunity to continue my community pattern-making experiments, to Honami for making our matching aprons, to Karin for making the journey and to everyone who helped make the print

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