Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How wallpaper can be political

I've been printing  a lot this week - all day and sometimes most of the night...the kitchen has become my print room - apologies to those I live with. Inspired by Peggy Angus (also known as The Red Angus for her political views) and all her lovely designs that we still print at Ivo's, I have rustled up some wall paper for our new hall way.

Fave trip out of the kitchen was to the Grantchester Pottery show at the Jerwood Space. Here's what they have to say about living, loving and decorating - and I'm sure Peggy would agree:

'How we live is political; having, and more importantly the ability to have a home is political; how we inhabit, design and structure that home, physically and psychologically, is political...if we have any choice - and this, nearly always, comes down to our economic situation - the scenes we create for ourselves to inhabit, hopefully, will be born out of, and perhaps filled with love.'

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