Sunday, 9 June 2013

Learning from the experts

For the last few weeks I've been interning with Christopher Farr Cloth and learned so much about taking a design into production. I've been developing colour ways for the new wall paper range  and then testing them out with the expert printmakers at Ivo Printers in Southhall. Podge, Colin and their team are total pros and the whole process is a complete collaboration.

Here is the lovely Podge with some Collier and Cambell Cote d'Azur which he printed many moons ago. Sarah Campbell is still going strong (do check out Sarah Campbell's blog if you get the chance) and there is a beautiful new book out all about the Cambell Collier archive.

Thanks to Michal, Valentina, Kerry and Gabby at Christopher Farr for making me feel so at home and teaching me so much!