Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Re-printing at the remakery

With so much patterned textile already out there, I'm becoming increasingly interested in ways of transforming old patterns into new, so in March I got together with the fab remakery in Brixton to have a go.

For our experimental print workshop, I sourced loads of pre-loved silk scarves and we up-cycled them using some natural dyes as well as neon, printing with some very basic materials (nothing more than a few cotton reels and one or two potatoes) into beautiful new bespoke creations.

In May, we got together again as part of Transition Town Brixton's Open Day to make our own 'Counting the Dots of Climate Change' dot - this time through stitching as well as print.

This was a global day of action co-ordinated by and lots of people joined us to make their own dot as a personal commitment to water conservation: every participant chose from a range of water-saving actions - from fixing a leaking tap (8.5 litres) to turning off their tap while brushing their teeth (18 litres) and then made their dot/dots in stitch or print or both!

the smallest dots = 1 litre
medium sized dot = 5 litres
largest dot = 10 litres

Together we  made a pledge to save 329 litres a day from now on....especially thanks to Lika from Norway via Kingston who helped sew the quilt together and was such great company on the day.

We sourced all  our materials through the amazing Scrap Store in Tooting- just pay one annual subscription fee and never buy new again. 


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