Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cloak of Invisibility

For our Transition fashion project I worked with the wonderful Jodie to make an invisibility cloak inspired by the incredible Dazzle camouflage battleships of WWI.

For this project, I loved printing BIG and tackled a huge sublimation print on the heat press - a bit of a nervy process...

I also fell in love with heat pressed plastics which have a beautiful luminous quality to them and can also be quite soft. I made a skirt with these, but would love to try making some softer more floaty pieces. Thanks to all those friends who gave me/collected plastic bags for me - I went through quite a melting frenzy!

Jodie modelled our pieces along with the beautiful wire veil that she wove. I may try wearing my cloak at Critical Mass, I embroidered on some great glass bead yarn to make me super visible/invisible on my bike.

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  1. We nearly share the same blog name! I am glad there are more bloggers discussing fibers and textiles.