Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Rebecca, Hugo and Tyler celebrate Chinese Moon Festival

This is my friend Rebecca (Ho Chi Wai) and her two beautiful sons Hugo and Tyler as they set off to celebrate the mid-Autumn festival or Moon festival. This is the traditional Chinese harvest festival and it is linked to the autumn equinox - the time when the moon is at it's fullest and roundest.
"We took paper lanterns to Norwood Park and floated them up into the night - but it was too windy and they blew into the only tree around. I was quite scared watching them burn there and the boys got scared too, so we came home."

"I love my boys in these clothes - they look so sweet, but I'm not such a traditional person. I've been raised more in a Western tradition and I married an English man."
"Personally, I feel that the price we have paid for Chinese culture is too high. In China, we have a saying - 'We're proud of our past, ashamed of our present and unsure about our future.'

Rebecca gave me a red silk purse to sew onto my map of patterns. It was given to her son, Tyler when he was born by his grandmother, Pak See. Inside was a tiny silver ankle bracelet with delicate silver bells on it.

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