Sunday, 4 July 2010

Wrong side sewing

Here is some sewing I am doing at the moment, inspired by ragbooks and found embroidery.

I am very excited about sewing on one side and then being surprised by what is going on, on the other side when I turn it over.
Sewing simultaneously like this becomes quite an intricate and complex balancing act: the stitch has a prescence on both sides of the cloth - a bit like when a dream comes back vividly to you in the middle of your waking life and penetrates your world suddenly and without any warning - there are several realities existing at the same moment and you're not quite sure which one to follow....

The first two pieces I made for two young boys who died in Gaza during the fighting in 2008. I found this picture of them in the paper - their dead bodies were being carried away by mortuary workers. I studied the details of their clothes and shoes for clues about who they were, but I couldn't find out any more about them - not even their names. They were very beautiful and precious and reminded me of my own boys. I made this so that I wouldn't ever forget them. There is no wrong side or right side.

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